A Lifelong Journey with Heaven as the Goal 



As partners in Forming Children's Faith in St. Joseph's Parish, parents collaborate with catechists and parish staff in class and out. Our parish catechism goals : 

To assist each other on our individual path to heaven.
To be a community where each person experiences the love of Christ, gains an understanding of our Catholic faith, and feels welcomed by others in the community. As we plan learning experiences and  promote active service in the corporal and spiritual works of mercy at home, we also PRAY for true conversion and lifelong faith formation.

     As a Faith Formation Team, we pledge to:

Implement the Catholic Formation recommendations of the Diocese of Lafayette
Teach the precepts of the Catholic Church in a way that promotes a longing for further religious education in both individuals and families.
Encourage active participation in holy Mass, frequent reception of the sacraments and involvement in community events.

     Your role as a Faith Formation Family:

Ensure your child attends Mass every Sunday!
Make reception of the sacraments a priority in your family.
Practice your faith and help your child follow the teachings of the church in daily life.
Actively participate in monthly classes. 
Verbally support the efforts of parish faith formation leaders.
Support and comply with the guidelines of the program. 

Grades 1-8 Expectations

Eight (8) class attendances
Five (5) Service Hours
Five (5) Spiritual/Prayer hours

                                …Or, a combination of service & spiritual hours which = 10   

Grades 9 and 10 Expectations 

Eight (8) attendances
Ten (10) Service hours
Ten (10) Spiritual/Prayer hours 

Confirmation 1 and Confirmation 2 have additional Expectations (grades 10 and 11) -please refer to their packet.

Access the Registration form under Documents in the left column of this page.

Parents Learn and Share the Faith Together! 

Faith Formation at St. Joseph Church Parish directly involves parents in the formation of our children! 
Utilizing a spiral curriculum and monthly themes, the entire community gets involved in the action.  At the Faith Formation Parent/Child Sessions, the catechist coaches the parents of 1st through 8th graders, who then work with their child during the session. The monthly sessions for the high school students do not require a parent or adult. The bulletin article and Question of the Week, help families to "break open the word", and discuss the Sunday liturgy readings and how to make them relevant to daily life. Some of the benefits of the program's format are listed below.

Brings families together in community
Children learn better when parents are involved
Educates and form our parents, as well as children
Fosters regular formation with a set time for special one on one time between parent and child
Provides an environment conducive to learning and sharing, and provide a catechist for directions, questions, support, etc.
Encourages open dialog, expression and living of the faith between family members
Has a built in positive peer pressure factor
Meets diocesan requirements for catechesis.

General information regarding registration for this year is accessible in the link to your left. The registration form is also accessible through the link to your left which you may print for submission along with your payment. Please mail to the office, drop in the offertory basket in an envelope labeled Faith Formation Registration, or bring to the office from Monday through Friday 9 am - Noon.